July 2018 – Wrap Up

Honestly, I can’t believe July is already over. It feels like it was the longest month EVER but also just another example of how quickly things move. I’ve obviously started a new, general blog because as much as I love my book blog, I wanted a more freeing place to be. I wanted a place that I could talk about my Housewives adventures, and my school journey, and so that’s what this place has become.

July was kind of an insane month. Here’s my wrap up:


  • I’ve spent most of the month recovering from breast reduction surgery. I was a size M and I’m now a D. Honestly, it was the best decision I ever could have made, but the recovery has been a little crazier than anticipated. One of my wounds split open, and I got cellulitis in one breast. Literal insanity. Oh, and the first antibiotic I was given I ended up being allergic to. Not the best.
  • I started some new vitamins that I really like, they’re from HUM Nutrition. I currently am using Daily Cleanse, OMG! and Skinny Bird. You can use my code 170DB5 for a discount too.
  • I’m anxious to start working out, but since I spent three weeks off work, and then had to leave work again due to the infection, that’s kind of been a hard no.
  • Fourth of July was pretty boring, although I did go to brunch with my friends:


  • I signed a lease! I move on August 11th, and we talk almost every day. Her name is also Rachel, and I can’t wait for our awesome friendship.


  • I officially started at Western Governors University! I’ve put in tons of work and today officially completed 30 credits in 30 days. I think I’ve found my niche in competency-based education.
  • I completed the following courses this month: Health, Fitness and Wellness, Survey of World History, Introduction to Biology, Mathematics for Elementary Educators 3, Cultural Studies & Diversity, Fundamentals of Diversity, Inclusion & Exceptional Learners, Critical Thinking and Logic, Survey of US Constitution and Government.
  • I started using my Erin Condren Life Planner for school and planning, and I don’t know how I got through without it before. I’ve always bought them and rarely used them. Not anymore.
  • I also felt inspired on the Fourth of July by my love of Elle Woods and got a new cover from Stylish & Co

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 4.07.47 PM.png


  • Honestly I’ve watched so much Real Housewives my head could spin. I’m watching the housewives and spinoffs in order (except for Vanderpump Rules which I’ve finished). I’ll be posting an updated ranking of all the housewives once I finish the season I’m on. I’ll post current rankings shortly.
  • I’m caught up on Riverdale and I am BEYOND obsessed. I bought Riverdale sunglasses and I’m unashamed.


  • I really haven’t read much this month, I think with school and surgery I just spaced. I did finish three books though:
    1. Disney in Shadow – Ridley Pearson
    2. Zodiac – Romina Russell
    3. Mystery Man – Kristen Ashley
  • I’ll be mailing off “Zodiac” and “Mystery Man” for various book clubs I’m in, with a goal to just stay reading this next month. It’s okay if I don’t read ALL THE TIME, but let’s focus on finishing the books I have.

Other things:

  • I’m really upset Real Housewives of DC got cancelled.
  • I really haven’t paid attention to this season of the Bachelorette.
  • I bought Proverbs 31’s new study and I’m excited to dive in and get back to the heart of my faith.
  • Fourth of July this year was kind of sucky, but I can’t wait for next year to spend it with my friends.
  • I bought tickets to my friend Hannah’s wedding! I can’t, I shan’t and I wan’t.
  • I started an Astrology group on Facebook and it’s been really fun.
  • I got my first crystals (rose quartz and Labradorite), they’re pretty freaking cool.
  • I’m a semifinalist to be an online ambassador for my school so hopefully I get that!
  • I’m ready to move out of my parents house, I’m glad I was able to live with them to grow our relationship but you know, it’s time.
  • I really love postable.com, it’s made sending cards so easy!

Looking forward:

  • Personal Goal: Start working out when cleared, but hit my step goal everyday. Moving going well. Easy acclimation
  • School Goal: Complete “Classroom Management, Engagement, & Motivation” and “Intro to SPED, Law & Legal Issues”.
  • Television Goal: I don’t really have one? Just MORE HOUSEWIVES.
  • Reading Goal: Reread “Illuminae”, and read two James Patterson books for book clubs, “Invisible” and “Cradle and All”
  • Faith Goal: Actually do something to grow my faith. Maybe read a book.

Until next time,

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 5.19.30 PM

2 thoughts on “July 2018 – Wrap Up

    • Rachel says:

      The Skinny Bird is expensive, but for me it’s been worth it! I haven’t been using the entire daily amount every day, so I think I can get away with getting it once a month. I really love them, gotta get healthyyyy

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