Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 1

This should be the last Housewives update for a hot second. I finished Beverly Hills Season 1 and MAN do I love these ladies. Sure they all have rich people problems, and I was a little afraid I wouldn’t love Lisa as much because someone had told me I might not, but I honestly think I love her even more.

As I stated in my original ranking posts, I use the website FlickChart to rank the Housewives, assign them each a movie, and when I finish a season, I rerank all the Housewives in that season and add in the new ones. I had to add in all the Housewives except Lisa, here are my results.

Image result for kyle richards

Kyle Richards

Kyle or Jax Taylor? Kyle

Kyle or Luann de Lesseps? Kyle

Kyle or Bethenny Frankel? Kyle

Kyle or Stassi Schroeder? Stassi

Kyle or Tamra Judge? Tamra

Kyle or Katie Maloney-Schwartz? Kyle

Kyle takes ranking 5.

I feel like this is the most unexpected love I found on BH. I really really loved Kyle. I loved her and her husband. I think she’s fantastic and funny. What I wouldn’t give to see her hang out with Tamra honestly. I feel like they’d be such a good pair.

Image result for taylor armstrong

Taylor Armstrong

Taylor or Jo de la Rosa? Taylor

Taylor or Caroline Manzo? Caroline

Taylor or Brittany Cartwright? Taylor

Taylor or Sonja Morgan? Sonja

Taylor or Kandi Burress? Taylor

Taylor takes ranking 17

I think it’s hard to find a lady I didn’t like a lot on Beverly Hills. Sure Taylor was a little crazy, and has gone slightly overboard on the filler and her daughters birthday, but I do really like her! She’s funny and I feel like she’s really real about her issues.


Image result for camille grammer

Camille Grammer

Camille or Jo de la Rosa? Camille

Camille or Caroline Manzo? Caroline

Camille or Brittany Cartwright? Camille

Camille or Taylor Armstrong? Taylor

Camille or Kandi Burress? Kandi

Camille or Cynthia Bailey? Cynthia

Camille takes ranking 20

To be honest, I hated Camille at first, and one of my favorite girls that I work with, Emma, was saying that you’d grow to love her. And I 100% did. The reunion weirdly enough made me really like her, and I totally understood how her divorce from Kelsey and her marriage falling apart would have caused her to act the way that she did. She’s a little crazy, but she’s kind of like a Ramona level crazy where you love her level of crazy and delusion.

Image result for adrienne maloof

Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne or Sheree Whitfield? Adrienne

Adrienne or Caroline Manzo? Caroline

Adrienne or Camille Grammer? Adrienne

Adrienne or Taylor Armstrong? Adrienne

Adrienne or Sonja Morgan? Sonja

Adrienne takes ranking 16

I like Adrienne a lot. I think mostly because she makes her own money, but she’s also a peacekeeper which is really awesome. She stands up for what’s right but doesn’t involve herself in things unnecessarily. I think that’s a really amazing quality, and something I wish I was more like. She’s not SUPER interesting, but she’s mostly unproblematic, so I like her.

Related image

Kim Richards

Kim or Sheree Whitfield? Sheree

Kim or Gretchen Rossi? Gretchen

Kim or Alexis Bellino? Kim

Kim or Quinn Fry? Kim

Kim or Deshawn Snow? Kim

Kim or Kim Zolciak? Kim Richards

Kim takes ranking #41

Oh Kim. I’m not a huge fan, honestly. It’s clear she has some issues, but I just don’t like her very much. I do think that Kyle takes care of her a lot, and while Kim does support Kyle, I just don’t like her at all. She doesn’t stand up for her sister, she gets in dumb fights, I’m just not here for Kim.


Image result for lisa vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa was my number 1 after all the seasons of Vanderpump Rules. After season 1, I attempted to rerank her.

Lisa or Jo de la Rosa? Lisa

Lisa or Sonja Morgan? Lisa

Lisa or Kristen Doute? Lisa

Lisa or Tamra Judge? Lisa

Lisa or Stassi Schroeder? Lisa

Lisa or Teresa Giudice? Lisa

Lisa holds strong at number 1

I mean, Lisa is forever my number one. Forever and always. I love Lisa Vanderpump so so much, and I highly doubt that anything will ever change that. She’s funny and clever, I love her relationship with Ken and I wish she was my boss.

Up next is Miami Season 1.  If you want to see where the Housewives are currently ranked, you can find my page here which is updated with the most recent rankings.

Until next time,

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