Real Housewives of Miami – Season 1

This whole season was very meh. I finished it very quickly, but it was pretty forgettable. I’m not surprised it got canceled, but I’m sad this got 3 seasons and DC only got one.

As I stated in my original ranking posts, I use the website FlickChart to rank the Housewives, assign them each a movie, and when I finish a season, I rerank all the Housewives in that season and add in the new ones. I had to add in all the Housewives except Lisa, here are my results.

Image result for lea black

Lea Black

Lea or Sheree Whitfield? Lea

Lea or Luann de Lesseps? Luann

Lea or Camille Grammer? Camille

Lea or Kimberly Bryant? Lea

Lea or Mary Amons? Mary

Lea takes ranking 24.

Overall, most of the women on Miami were forgettable. Lea wasn’t forgettable because of how she punk’d the other women. Meh.

Image result for adriana de moura

Adriana de Moura

Adriana or Sheree Whitfield? Sheree

Adriana or Kim Richards? Adriana

Adriana or Jeana Keough? Adriana

Adriana or Lynda Erkiletian? Lynda

Adriana or LaLa Kent? LaLa

Adriana or Ariana Madix? Adriana

Adriana takes ranking 35

Also very forgettable but kind of came alive during the reunion.

Image result for alexia echevarria

Alexia Echevarria

Alexia or Sheree Whitfield? Alexia

Alexia or Luann de Lesseps? Luann

Alexia or Brittany Cartwright? Brittany

Alexia or Kimberly Bryant? Alexia

Alexia or Lea Black? Alexia

Alexia or Mary Amons? Mary

Alexia takes ranking 23

My favorite of all of them, however, forgettable in the fact that I couldn’t even remember who she was until I saw a photo.

Image result for marysol patton

Marysol Patton

Marysol or Sheree Whitfield? Sheree

Marysol or Gretchen Rossi? Marysol

Marysol or Ariana Madix? Ariana

Marysol or Stacie Scott Turner? Stacie

Marysol or Jacqueline Laurita? Jacqueline

Marysol or Cat Ommanney?  Cat

Marysol takes ranking 45

She was obnoxious and her mother was terrible. I feel like I have nothing to say about these housewives at all but they are all BORING or annoying.

Image result for larsa pippen

Larsa Pippen

Larsa or Sheree Whitfield? Sheree

Larsa or Gretchen Rossi? Larsa

Larsa or Jeana Keough? Larsa

Larsa or Lynda Erkiletian? Lynda

Larsa or LaLa Kent? LaLa

Larsa or Adriana de Moura? Adriana

Larsa takes ranking #37

Unfortunately the love Kim Kardashian has for Larsa didn’t rub off on me.

Image result for cristy rice

Cristy Rice

Cristy or Jo de la Rosa? Jo

Cristy or Gretchen Rossi? Cristy

Cristy or Jeana Keough? Cristy

Cristy or LaLa Kent? LaLa

Cristy or Adriana de Moura? Adriana

Cristy or Ariana Madix? Ariana

Cristy takes spot #38

Didn’t hate her, didn’t love her. Overall, just really boring season. I’m wondering if it picks up or if it just continues to be this boring.

Up next.  If you want to see where the Housewives are currently ranked, you can find my page here which is updated with the most recent rankings.

Until next time,

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