Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 6

Y’all, Orange County is LIT. I surprisingly really really love Orange County, and am falling more in love with these ridiculous ladies as each season comes. I recently finished season 6, and as usual, here are my rankings.

As I stated in my original ranking posts, I use the website FlickChart to rank the Housewives, assign them each a movie, and when I finish a season, I rerank all the Housewives in that season and add in the new ones. I had to add in all the Housewives except Lisa, here are my results.

Image result for vicki gunvalson

Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki started at ranking 28

Vicki or Jax Taylor? Vicki

Vicki or Sonja Morgan? Sonja

Vicki or Mary Amons? Vicki

Vicki or Cynthia Bailey? Cynthia

Vicki or Camille Grammer? Vicki

Vicki takes ranking 20.

Wow I really love Vicki. She’s a little cuckoo and can be pretty high strung, but I genuinely love her. Her and Tamra remind me of how crazy my best friend and I can be, however I was genuinely heart broken for her when her relationship with Donn ended the way it did, because I really loved Donn. He did her dirty though, to be completely honest. I love Vicki, clearly, as she’s climbing the charts.

Image result for tamra barney

Tamra Judge

Tamra started at ranking 4

Tamra or Jax Taylor? Tamra

Tamra or Adrienne Maloof? Tamra

Tamra or Jill Zarin? Tamra

Tamra or Kyle Richards? Tamra

Tamra or Teresa Giudice? Teresa

Tamra stands strong at #4

I LOVE TAMRA JUDGE SO MUCH. Honestly, like I can’t even put into words how much I love her. I think she has the best heart, and while it can be misinterpreted sometimes, she is wonderful. I genuinely really love her.


Image result for gretchen rossi

Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen started at ranking #46

Gretchen or Jo de la Rosa? Jo

Gretchen or Marysol Patton? Gretchen

Gretchen or Cristy Rice? Cristy

Gretchen or Stacie Scott Taylor? Stacie

Gretchen stands strong at #46

I literally cannot STAND Gretchen. She’s so annoying, I really just can’t with her. Sure she livened things up immediately, but she’s just catty and mean.

Image result for alexis bellino

Alexis Bellino

Alexis started at ranking #54

Alexis or Jo De La Rosa? Jo

Alexis or Gretchen Rossi? Alexis

Alexis or Cristy Rice? Cristy

Alexis or Stacie Scott Turner? Stacie

Alexis or Jacqueline Laurita? Jacqueline

Alexis or Cat Ommanney? Cat

Alexis takes ranking 45

I can’t stand Alexis and her hateful version of Christianity. She gives so many of us a bad name. It’s just rough. It was almost impossible to pick between her and Gretchen.

Image result for peggy tanous

Peggy Tanous

Peggy or Jo de la Rosa? Peggy

Peggy or Sonja Morgan? Sonja

Peggy or Brittany Cartwright? Brittany

Peggy or Kimberly Bryant? Peggy

Peggy or Alexia Echevarria? Peggy

Peggy or Mary Amons? Mary

Peggy takes ranking #24

Peggy really surprised me by how much I liked her. I cheated and saw it was her only season and that made me really sad because I really liked her!


Image result for jeana keough

Jeana Keough

Jeana started at #40.

Jeana or Sheree? Sheree

Jeana or Alexis Bellino? Alexis

Jeana or Phaedra Parks? Phaedra

Jeana or Scheana Marie? Scheana

Jeana or Michaele Salahi? Jeana

Jeana or Danielle Staub? Danielle

Jeana moves to #59

I used to LOVE Jeana. She was one of my favorite housewives ever, but after how she behaved as a guest on OC, I had to rerank her. Her behavior absolutely disgusted me and how dare she go to the press to talk about Tamra. Disgusting. It makes me so upset.

Up next is New York Season 4.  If you want to see where the Housewives are currently ranked, you can find my page here which is updated with the most recent rankings.

Until next time,

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