Real Housewives of New York City – Season 4

This is very late considering I finished this season awhile ago, and I’m trying to catch up on my ranking situation, but RHONY is not the same without Bethenny. Here you can see my rankings from Season 4.

As I stated in my original ranking posts, I use the website FlickChart to rank the Housewives, assign them each a movie, and when I finish a season, I rerank all the Housewives in that season and add in the new ones.

Image result for luann de lesseps

Luann de Lesseps

Luann started at ranking #14

Luann or Jo de la Rosa? Luann

Luann or Adrienne Maloof? Luann

Luann or Kristen Doute? Kristen

Luann or Alex McCord? Luann

Luann moves to #10


Image result for alex mccord

Alex McCord

Alex started at ranking 11

Alex or Jo de la Rosa? Alex

Alex or Adrienne Maloof? Alex

Alex or Kristen Doute? Kristen

Alex or Luann de Lesseps? Luann

Alex or Caroline Manzo? Caroline

Alex or Sonja Morgan? Sonja

Alex takes ranking 15

Image result for ramona singer

Ramona Singer

Ramona started at ranking #10

Ramona or Jo de la Rosa? Ramona

Ramona or Adrienne Maloof? Ramona

Ramona or Kristen Doute? Kristen

Ramona or Tom Schwartz? Tom

Ramona or Sonja Morgan? Ramona

Ramona or Caroline Manzo? Caroline

Ramona takes ranking 13


Image result for jill zarin

Jill Zarin

Jill started at ranking #9

Jill or Jo de la Rosa? Jill

Jill or Adrienne Maloof? Jill

Jill or Kristen Doute? Kristen

Jill or Kyle Richards? Kyle

Jill or Katie Maloney-Schwartz? Katie

Jill stays at #9

Image result for kelly killoren bensimon

Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Kelly started at ranking #56

Kelly or Sheree Whitfield? Sheree

Kelly or Alexis Bellino? Kelly

Kelly or Larsa Pippen? Kelly

Kelly or Lynda Erkelian? Lynda

Kelly or LaLa Kent? LaLa

Kelly or Adriana da Moura? Kelly

Kelly takes ranking #36

I surprisingly really liked Kelly without Bethenny around. But Bethenny forEVER

Image result for sonja morgan

Sonja Morgan

Sonja started at ranking #15

Sonja or Jo de la Rosa? Sonja

Sonja or Adrienne Maloof? Sonja

Sonja or Kristen Doute? Kristen

Sonja or Tom Schwartz? Tom

Sonja or Ramona Singer? Ramona

Sonja or Alex McCord? Sonja

Sonja moves to #14

Image result for cindy barshop

Cindy Barshop

Cindy or Jo de la Rosa? Jo

Cindy or Alexis Bellino? Cindy

Cindy or Larsa Pippen? Cindy

Cindy or LaLa Kent? LaLa

Cindy or Kelly Killoren Bensimon? Kelly

Cindy or Adriana da Moura? Adriana

Cindy enters the chart at #39

Up next is Vanderpump Rules Season 6.  If you want to see where the Housewives are currently ranked, you can find my page here which is updated with the most recent rankings.

Until next time,

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